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Stuff I've written, separated into the land of fanfiction and the land of original things. 

Fanfiction Land:

*Johnny the Homicidal Maniac/Squee/I Feel Sick:

Song Without a Name and I'm Still Here
(Link opens to chapter directory, art, fan-fanart and fan-fanfic, and FAQ's for this particular story. Complete!)
Reincarnation, music, invisible teenagers, key rings, rooftops, violent memories, swearing, sarcasm, stage make-up, and cookies with the Anti-Christ.  A high school AU/songfic project from 2005 to 2012 featuring all of the above.

Blood and Cherry Syrup: Vampire Edgar : Link goes directly to the first segment for right now. In progress.
Johnny/Edgar in which Edgar is a vampire. Each chapter features an image of some sort, and some of them are gory. If you can handle reading the source comic, you're probably fine.

Alright :  A Johnny/Edgar thing I wrote for the request meme on LiveJournal a few years ago.  It's not in any particular universe, but it features them in a more-like-canon setting and an ambiguously not-dead Edgar trying to ease Johnny into being okay with people/contact.  Actual text of said request contained within~

Currently, Must Be This Tall To Ride only lives at
Squee/Pepito. Summer job at an evil(?) amusement park. In progress.

 *Doctor Who

Coming Soon

Original Writing Land:


Nothing here currently, but I hope to change that soon.