Song Without A Name/I'm Still Here

"Everyone here wraps himself in the thing that burns him."


Song Without A Name:  a sort-of-AU Johnny the Homicidal Maniac fic (I know)

"Reincarnation is complicated, and apparently not a refined system. When the lines between lives are blurry at best, and memories seep in from the person you were, do you stay the person you are? Who do you want to be, and do you want to be seen?"

A glitter and (mostly fake) blood-filled adventure about a group of functionally invisible, mal-adjusted, music-loving teenage friends discovering that they are the reincarnation of a madman and his victims and the decisions they make to try to cope with it when it seems it's coming after them.

**SWAN is currently being rewritten here!**  
I'm deciding what to do with the original version.  Currently it is still available.

ISH will follow in being rewritten someday soon.  


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