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Stuff Happening in SWAN From People Not Me!

These cool people have written bits of SWAN-universe fic-i-tude, and I'm finally getting off my butt and posting them! If you've got one you want added, do share it with me. Newest at the bottom, for the most part. The order in the beginning here is a little vague. Also vague is my placement of these on any kind of timescale. I've done my best to label them in case you're reading these before finishing SWAN itself and dont' want spoilers. (Or if you're looking for crap from a certain time, I don't know.)


Bargain - Johnny contracts something awful, Edgar and the crew say 'fuck it' to playing around. Edgar a bit more drastically. This was written back when Crow first learned of how SWAN 19 was going to end. Takes place somewhere near SWAN 16-ish.
End of the World - Apparently there's some awesome meteor shower coming soon. Written after I told Crow about forming the band. Takes place near SWAN 16.
Dark and Stormy Night - Actually written, in an odd coincidence, without any knowledge of where the crew would end up late in SWAN is a alternate visit to a familar old house. Takes place around SWAN 17 or 18. My summary may make reading this a spoiler for 19.
Razor - Johnny, Edgar, trust and an electric razor. Takes place almost anywhere after SWAN 6 or so.


It's Too Hot - Hosted on dA. {Alternate Link to a copy on Zarla's own webspace.}Written for my birthday approximately a million years ago. Johnny and Edgar converse in a dead convienence store. After about SWAN 4 or so but before 16.


Sleep - 'Edgar is sleeping over with Johnny as usual, but tonight Johnny just can’t get to sleep. So Edgar decided to try an old remedy to help his friend get some rest.' - A gift e-mailed to me from out of the blue! Takes place in early SWAN, near 10.

Wo Daikiri Ni:

SWAN Second Life? - A dA link. A short snippet of Edgar and Johnny's life from the time before SWAN happened. Takes place in 'Life 2', the life before SWAN/ISH occured.

This account has been deactivated, and I don't have a backup.


A Fine Romance - Posted originally in anon mode on plus4chan's queer promotions board. Intro was given thusly:

'got fired today, /coq/. celebrated by getting drunk and finishing this fic. ta da.

this is intended to be SWAN/ISH life 2, but I guess it could be any 'verse in which Edgar lives and inexplicably (suicidally?) becomes friends with Johnny. probably glaringly inaccurate in terms of LYX's canon (pretty sure it's been mentioned that the doughboys weren't as active in life 2, just for example) but this is how it came out. and sorry, guys, but there is no porn. they.. really don't lend themselves well to it. but anyway, content, let's get to it!

This is wonderful and you should all read it. The things about being inaccurate to my canon are lies and blasphemy. (Sweet fuck, I have a canon. What.) Obviously takes place in Life 2.

Visit Spook's dA to witness the forming of another writing in Life 2-o-Vision.


This Mixtape Means - A sad and lovely bit of an AU!SWAN!Edgar, dealing with what Johnny left behind after a suicide. Super lovely, given to me on an anon board.


endless spiral - A bit from an anon board. It's a bit of Johnny and Edgar meeting super early in SWAN, which goes with one of Tripht's pictures over in the fanart section. Short, but fab.

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